Long Term Care

1 in 335 houses will have fire each year

1 in 52 people will have an auto accident each year

1 in 1.4 people age 65 and older will need long term care

What is long term care?

As we age, we naturally become unable to do some of the activities we’re used to. Many older individuals may experience health concerns and require more frequent assistance from others. Common chronic conditions like arthritis, heart disease and diabetes can make it harder to accomplish once-simple tasks. To continue making the most of everyday life, long term care can help.

What does long term care help with?

·       Managing your choices:

·       At home care

·       Living with Family Member

·       Adult daycare

·       Assisted living facility

·       Nursing  home

Family dynamics

When family members require care, tensions can arise between loved ones over things like the available options, facility locations and money. Long term care helps ease tension and ensures comfort.